Feelings of anxiety

Do you know those feelings that you are experiencing right now? The uncertainty…unknowing…worrying about what will happen….wondering when you might be able to see your family again…when you might be able to see your friends again…go back to your old routine…the familiar and ‘normal’…Feelings of anxiety, of being out of control in your life…seeing all these changes happening around you and wondering what will happen tomorrow…the next day… and the day after that?

Well, that’s what children and young people in out of home care feel every day; when they change placement, when they have a new family they have to get used to, new rules, new household, new smells, new routine. Everything is strange and unfamiliar; adults are making decisions about their lives that they often have no control over…it’s scary…it’s frightening…and it can result in challenging behaviors.

We understand that sometimes things have to change; that there are situations that are not safe for children and young people to live in…but we aim to support families to remain together where possible, and where they have to be away from their birth family for a period of time, that their placement does not add to their trauma; where caregivers are available and nurturing to the child and young person’s needs; where it is safe and allows the child or young person to experience a secure base.

We believe that every young superhero deserves that.