One Future is a professional assessment, facilitation and consultancy service covering all of New South Wales. We work with people throughout their life journey to create their own, one future. At the core of our service is the belief that people are experts in their own lives. Our services are designed to capture that knowledge, support people to make decisions and develop goals and outcomes that are right for them.

One Future has a team of qualified, tertiary-trained staff to respond to individual and organisational need. We offer a rapid-response service designed to support organisations in completing urgent assessments or to provide in-home supports, as well as undertaking planned assessments that may be required as part of a person’s journey to receiving appropriate services or supports.

One Future uses an ecological approach to service planning and delivery, meaning that we look holistically at a person within their environment to ensure that any assessment we complete or supports we provide are inclusive of the individual, their immediate networks and supports, the wider community, formal services, culture, history and future.

We pride ourselves in delivering quality services in a timely manner and will respond creatively to individual and organisational need to ensure that people feel supported by our team from the initial contact. With experience in both the child welfare, family and aged care sector, One Future can support people at any stage of life.

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One Future was founded in February 2018 as a boutique consultancy and assessment service. The founders saw that whilst there were services already working in early intervention, child protection and out of home care, there was a need for a service that could respond quickly to requests for services, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. One Future is able to support agencies that may not have the capacity to undertake assessments or respond to crisis situations for children in out of home care and child protection. One Future has, in it’s short time of being operational, undertaken many relative kinship carer assessments and supported hundreds of children and young people to remain with family or kin rather than being placed in foster care.


In January One Future delivered its first Pregnancy Family conference after becoming an approved Pregnancy Family Conferencing Facilitator.

September 2019 One Future released OFTEN (One Future Telehealth Education Network) which is a secure video conferencing solution that allows children, young people, families and carers to get support from the comfort of their own home using 4G technology.

One Future approved as a provider through the Casework Support Scheme (CSS) which allows us to offer supervised contact, supervised transport, mentoring and daytime respite for children and young people in out of home care.


Approved provider of Family Group Conferencing. FGC promotes respectful and strength-based engagement in planning to meet what is in the best interests of the child or young person.

Our Values

We have integrity; We act with honesty and show respect in all of our actions. We do the right thing in a respectful way and role-model this for our families we work with.

We act with courage; We stand up for what we believe in. We strive to make good choices and do the right thing, even when it is difficult or involves taking a risk. We support our families to do the same.

We persevere; We don’t give up. We dedicate time, energy and effort despite the challenges that may arise. We believe that perseverance can lead us to success in life and teach us many life lessons along the way.

We live with purpose; Having purpose guides our decision-making, influences behaviours and offers a sense of direction to our lives. Our purpose is to support families to stay together, be connected, strong and safe.