One Future are excited to facilitate the Aboriginal Young Tidda Circle. The aim of the circle is to provide the young people with the opportunity to yarn and listen about culture, identity, community, mental health and relationships with self and others. The program encourages self exploration, growth and development, confidence, resilience and self-expression in a culturally safe environment where they feel heard. The young women will be supported by the facilitator Haley Walsh-Clarke, along with mentoring from local Aboriginal Elder women to help support them in their journey through the course of the program.

The Program

So, what does each week involve?

While we want to keep some things private to the group, here is a sneak-peak of what we will offer you as a participant and contributor to the group;

Week 1: Who Are We?

Week 2: Who Am I?

Week 3: Parents

Week 4: Masculinity/Femininity

Week 5: Relationships

Week 6: Communication

Week 7: Love, intimacy and sex

Week 8: Celebration

The group will use a mixture of art, meditation, conversation, listening and cultural activities to facilitate participation and support development of self.

Each participant will have a mentor; an elder from the community, that will schedule a weekly call with the young person.  This is to chat about what is happening in their life and any follow up from the group sessions.  It is designed to allow participants opportunities to talk about their growth and goals. It is not a counselling service.

There is no cost for this group, only a willingness to participate fully and embrace the unknown.

Frequently Ask Questions


There is no cost for the Aboriginal Young Tidda Circle, only a willingness to participate fully and discover the unknown.

Transformative learning encourages an individual to question themselves about their feelings, beliefs, assumptions and thoughts regarding their purpose. Individuals who participate in the transformative learning process can completely transform their beliefs, assumptions and experiences into brand-new ways of thinking and being.

The Aboriginal Young Tidda Circle is not your usual learning space.  It is a safe space where participants are posed questions, which they yarn, share and listen to one another about and in doing so learn through a process called transformative learning.

From your participation in the Aboriginal Young Tidda Circle you will transform your ways of being so that you are self-expressed, confident, powerful, brave, free and know that you are a contribution to the world.

The aim of the circle is to provide Aboriginal Young Tiddas with the opportunity to yarn and listen about culture, identity, community, mental health and relationships with self and others.

The Aboriginal Young Tidda Circle is offered to young Aboriginal Tiddas who identify as straight, bi-sexual, lesbian or transgender.

Yes, participates need to identify as being Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

The age to participate in the Aboriginal Young Tidda Circle is 15-25 years old.

The Aboriginal Young Tidda Circle was created to encourage young Tiddas to come together to yarn, share and support one another.

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