Technology solution

One Future prides itself on being a technology-focused business and have created its own custom secure telehealth solution called “OFTEN” which stands for One Future Telehealth Education Network. OFTEN comes with built-in 4G internet to enable secure High Definition (HD) single and multi-party video consultations using a built-in HD 1080p webcam. OFTEN can be remotely managed to give clients information technology support if they are having trouble joining a video consultation or offer simple troubleshooting. OFTEN is securely locked down so that only internet sites that are agreed to by the assessor, agency and family are available to the client whilst involved in the program. OFTEN, also come preloaded with links to education tailored to the family and their situation with clients able to access information on government services and other beneficial websites.

The Program

Offering a 4, 8 or 12-week program that focuses on using secure telehealth video conferencing with carers, children, young people and their families. The program consists of an initial face to face consultation with the family where they will be provided with an internet-enabled 4G telehealth laptop or tablet to use during the program duration. Each qualified worker assigned to a family will contact them each week for consultation, education and support for up to three sessions per week.

The focus of each program is tailored to the client’s needs, however, our expertise is in:

  • Carer reviews and assessments
  • Restoration support inclusive of whole of family
  • Placement stability for families in OOHC and preventing placement breakdown
  • Parenting education and supports
  • Case plan reviews and goal setting
  • Pre-natal and Family Group Conferencing

Each OFTEN program is designed to support case plan goals and with the aim of keeping children and young people safe from harm and involved in decision-making about their lives.

Order Process

One Future offers two ways to consume OFTEN.

First Option – One Future delivers OFTEN and facilitates the consult 

One Future will send an internet-enabled laptop with the OFTEN app installed for accessing video conferencing support for carers over an agreed period of time. This can be once a week or more frequently, depending on the needs of the family, and can be for a 2, 4 or 8-week period to cover:

  • Carer training
  • PACE model of therapeutic parenting
  • Positive behaviour strategies
  • Code of Conduct and compliance with the Code
  • Supporting carers with identified issues within the placement
  • Case plan monitoring
  • Restoration

Second Option – One Future delivers OFTEN and you facilitate the consult

One Future will send an internet-enabled laptop with the OFTEN app installed for accessing video conferencing support for carers over an agreed period of time. The consultation will be supported (IT) by One Future and but the facilitation will be by you.

Darin Tanttari

/ Dept of Communities and Justice- Lismore

Catherine is excellent to work with, she is professional and prompt in her communications with clients and staff, the standard and quality of her work is high

Kelly Walsh

Child Safety Officer / Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women - Maroochydore

Catherine has been tremendously flexible and always willing to go the extra mile wherever possible. Thankyou!

Family Member - Family Group Conferencing

Thanks for all your help... I found it a very valuable experience with plenty of opportunities to really plan and work through some tough stuff.

Deborah Hall

Case Worker / DCJ Lismore

The facilitators hold the room really well. Some great plans developed

Thomas Berry

Senior Caseworker / DCJ Taree

From my initial contact with Catherine and her team One Future has been nothing but responsive, professional, child centred and culturally responsive.

Suzanne Kady

Case Worker / DCJ Coffs Harbour

At the beginning of the conference attendees arrived who were no longer welcome by the family-the convener and case worker were able to work through the issue with an outcome which suited the family-the convener explained why the family did not want the person involved and CW took a written version of their concerns which were read out at the conference-an expedient, resourceful and appropriate action.